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Organizing memories
with FREE pick-up and delivery

Millions of households have shoeboxes, stacked with photographs.

1. In humid regions photos stick to each other and one may be lost forever.

2. In albums photos are fading fast and soon they'll fade to B & W or fade to white and disappear 

3. G-d forbid there is a fire, flood or natural disaster. They may be lost forever.

4. How are you going to get hundreds or thousands of prints organized, scanned and onto a USB drive or cloud for backup, sharing and stored forever.

The Shoebox-Digital Solution

using our proprietary Shoebox™ system

  • Organized

  • Hi resolution scanning

  • Digitized on a USB drive

  • Archived on our SB private cloud

  • Color-corrected (+) 

  • Retouching  (+)

  • Free pick-up and delivery


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  • November 1993, the Old Topanga-Malibu fire started as a brush fire less than a mile from our front door in LA. The first thing we did was put our shoeboxes stuffed with family photos in a duffle bag at the front door. Fortunately, we did not have to evacuate our home.

  • Two months later our home was red tagged and destroyed in the January 1994 Northridge earthquake. The duffle bag had not moved and our photos were luckily saved.

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