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 NFT - Art for a cause

Abilities -
• Master Networker.
• Strategist and Visionary
• Relationship Selling of a product or service.
• Pyramid of Success by Coach John Wooden.
• Understanding the human side of technology.
• Archeologist and Coach.

Guest lecturer at Princeton University, UCLA Anderson School and TASE

Tel Aviv Stock Exchange Taglit-Birthright Innovation Center.

Raphael is currently immersed in the deep data side of the Blockchain and how it can facilitate the building of a sustainable NFT platform and community, supporting artists.


Raphael Gross is the founder of the Aliyah Fund (IAF).  

Former art gallery owner in Los Angles, San Francisco, Dallas, NYC, Florence, Zurich and Tel Aviv- Jaffa. Developed software in the studio photography industry that helped transform the analog film to digital points of sale, co-marketing with Canon, Nikon, Kodak, and Shutterfly.

Raphael has spent the last 10 years of mentoring and coaching entrepreneurs and artists.


Raphael was born in NYC, raised on a kibbutz in Israel, and completed his high school education in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA studying art history and played USVBA volleyball,. Eventually moved back to Israel and studied archeology at Bar Ilan University.

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